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Sönke Rothenberger

zarafet marka elçisi
Sönke Rothenberger

Dressage’s rising star Sönke Rothenberger has become a Longines Ambassador of Elegance

Despite his young age, Sönke has already had a career that many twice his age can only dream of. Through the graceful elegance of his discipline, he epitomises the values embodied by the brand’s slogan “Elegance is an Attitude”. Indeed, the harmony of the movements, the completely symbiotic relationship between athlete and horse and their respect for one another are the ultimate expression of elegance. In a career spanning more than a decade, the German rider has collected a string of titles and medals, notably with his iconic gelding Cosmo. In 2016, Sönke received the Longines Rising Star title, one of the prizes presented during the FEI Awards ceremony, in recognition of his remarkable talent and his extraordinary commitment to equestrian sport. 
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